Tablet Insight: Case Features

Tablet Insight: Case Features

This week’s editorial takes a look at some of the finer points in case designs. The small zippers , integrated magnets , Velcro flaps, and shoulder straps are just a few of many extra features that can make of break a good tablet experience. You’ll be using it everyday, so why not choose a case that has everything you want (and maybe even more!).


Lots of case designers use Velcro in various ways. The most common place you find it on a case is to keep your case’s cover closed. As we all know, Velcro can be great to get a job like this done. If you don’t mind walking into a classroom or a boardroom and making that Velcro sound when you pull out your tablet, then you’ll have no problem finding a case just for you.

Capdase tablet cases offer a simple, effective tablet sleeve for the Apple iPad 2 is a good example of Velcro in action. With its top-flap opening, Velcro is the best material choice for this case.

Capdase iPad 2 Slek mKeeper Sleeve

In a similar design, the sleeve-styled ‘Ultimate Tablet’ case from WaterField tablet cases uses Velcro for a top-flap opening.

WaterField Designs Ultimate Tablet Sleeve Case

Of course, Velcro can attract lint and hair. Generally Velcro shows the age of the case more than any other part. So if you want a case that has a little more high-tech feel, then its time to consider magnetic tablet cases .


In my opinion magnets are the best way to keep your tablet case securely shut while getting maximum functionality. By far the most convenient and slickest of case cover clasps, magnets are usually embedded in the case itself so you can’t even notice they’re there. They never get old and never attract hair and lint. Plus, some cases with magnets are designed to put your tablet to sleep when you close the cover, and wake them up when you open your case. I’m a sucker for this kind of case feature.

For example, Case-Mate tablet cases has made a sleek folio tablet case that utilizes magnets to get a thin and smooth design. The integrated magnets do the waking up/putting to sleep work and also help keep the foldable stand sturdier.

Case-Mate Kindle Fire Tuxedo Folio Case

The classic use of magnets with case covers is Apple’s foldable Smart Cover . While it doesn’t provide much for protection along the back, the Smart Cover keeps the sleek Apple design and high Apple iPad functionality with magnets.

Apple Smart Cover


If magnets and Velcro aren’t your style, then maybe you should consider the zippered tablet cases . Long-lasting, trusted, useable, familiar, zippers are an entirely different function and style on cases. Take note of the zipper size and what is best for you: zippers with big teeth? Medium-sized? Fine-toothed zip?

Let’s take a look at a few:

If you are going for a zipper, then why not go for the denim while you’re at it. This ‘jeans’-styled case makes the zipper more than just a function but a part of the overall 1960s jeans, rock’n’roll rebellion vibe. Classic!

iPad 2 Denim Jeans Zippered Case

The Gento from Capdase is one of my favorite cases out there. Nice design and material texture, nice front storage pouch, and medium-teeth size zipper. Front pouch zip is a much welcomed addition, too.

Capdase iPad Gento mKeeper Sleeve

In a more general way, another typical case design that makes use of zippers it the simple sleeve/pouch design. Kind of loose fitting, affordable, and always a bit funky like this design from Paul Frank tablet cases.

Paul Frank Themed 7'' Sleeve

Shoulder straps

So, once you’ve decided on what kind of clasp you need for the cover, now there are all the other bits’n’bobs. Straps are one more step in choosing a case. Although not as common of a feature on cases, shoulder straps might be exactly what you need for your tablet to fit your lifestyle—particularly if you are on the move a lot or have the travel bug.

iBaggs tablet cases has crafted a strap case called the ‘Traveler Plus’. They have designed a strap that fits directly to an open-display case that lets you move around freely and have your iPad never too far away. I have heard of people using this case when they work from home (and are therefore are usually multitasking), using it when they go hiking (great use of maps!), or even using it in the backseat of long car drive.

iBaggs iPad TravelerPlus Case

If you are looking for something that allows you to carry your tablet more like a purse or shoulder bag, then check out this funky Zebra-patterned case.

iPad 2 Zebra Striped Case with Shoulder Strap

What is Right For You?

As you can see, there are many ways to go. Maybe you want a zip and magnet? Maybe a strap with Velcro? Think through where you’ll be using your tablet and then decide on what could be the best design. If you need more information, make sure to check out our full wiki pages on case styles and designs.

Tablet Insight is a weekly column by Thomas Andersen that focuses on the innovative tablet uses and considers what is the most compatible and necessary tablet case.
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