Ride the Wave of New iPad Pro Cases and Accessories

Now in store new cases for iPad Pro

The release of a new variety of iPad Pro has been matched with a need for stylish protective cases to house them. Shopping for a case is an exciting experience. Find the best of both and get the most out of the iPad of your choosing.


New and Exciting iPad Pro Models Recently Released

Apple has released new iPad Pro 2018 models – iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd Generation). The iPad Pro series is a huge step forward for Apple users. Major advantages over competitors like Android include enhanced battery life, and faster speeds. The most significant advancement is making the iPad Pro a viable alternative to desktops and traditional PCs, including laptops.

The iPad Pro 12.9 2018 and iPad Pro 11 model come stacked with combinations of features that ensure there is an appropriate model for every type of user.

The iPad 12.9 is powerful in application and beautiful in its design. However, it can be hard to hold with one hand. Conversely, the iPad Pro 11- inch offers more flexibility in terms of use because of its smaller size. This also means more options and more freedom to choose a case that suits your taste.

Both iPad models weigh about a pound, and can run well over $1,000, making it important to keep them protected. Cases take the worry out of owning an iPad, and look stylish to boot!


Cases to House the New Generation of iPad Pro

Tablet2Cases has unleashed a spectacular new collection of products that will make your iPad rock! The newly added iPad Pro 11 cases, and iPad 12.9 inch cases offer stylish protection for your devices.

The cases for iPad Pro bring style and flexibility to a whole new level at a price you just can’t beat. These exciting new editions are compatible with the newest iPads on the market.

Check out these awesome cases that fit all the new editions including the iPad Pro 11, and the iPad Pro 12.9 2018 We have it all.


iPad Cases for the Whole Family

The Cooper Dynamo with Apple Pencil slot

When you buy an iPad for your kids, you want to protect your investment. Let’s face it, kids are kids and they can be reckless with their devices just as much with toys. You wouldn’t want them to bust their brand new iPad within minutes of opening it. Give yourself some peace of mind and purchase a Cooper Dynamo, the shock proof iPad case for kids. It's compatible with the new iPad Pro models and is a smart choice to use in order to keep them in good condition.

The 2nd generation Apple Pencil is compatible with both iPad Pro models and is a great accessory to have. One of its new features is that it connects to the iPad magnetically and charges wirelessly. The new Cooper Dynamo models are compatible with the Pencil's wireless charging feature.


Ride out the Winter with Touchscreen Winter Gloves

Don’t get caught in the cold without Mujjo’s 3M Touchscreen Winter Gloves! These gloves are perfect for when you want to use your phone, and/or iPad outdoors in the Winter months. 


Do your iPad a Favor with Tablet2Cases

Finding the best iPad case for you can be daunting. But when you go with Tablet2Cases, you can rest easy and enjoy the experience. Whether you have an iPad Pro 11" or the coveted iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Generation, you know where to find a case to show it off right.

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