The answer to all healthcare professionals’ prayers - the new Pure Sense Buddy Tablet Case.


It’s hard to imagine life without technology. It’s even harder to deny just how much our lives have improved thanks to technological advances over the years. Menial everyday tasks have become much easier and faster. Particularly when it comes to the smooth running of a business.

Automation and organization have become key aspects of operational efficiency. With the most successful businesses always looking to identify ways to maximize and improve performance. Communication is integral to this. Especially when a business grows and the company headcount increases. As it puts strain on the team in terms of visibility and proximity.

This is especially important in the healthcare industry; where patients’ lives are in the hands of the caregivers. Staff are expected to be available and contactable at all times. And more importantly, records are required to be easily and readily accessible at the click of a button. Ron Nielson, Vice President of Rico Healthcare said that "everyone knows that paperwork can be inefficient and that electronic health records are a major goal of healthcare technology initiatives".

Storing health records electronically has huge benefits. And not just to the company, but to clients and patients as well. Studies show that patients are less anxious during hospital visits when healthcare providers use tablets or other mobile devices to perform data collection.

The only downside to storing records digitally is the potential damage that can be done to an electronic device if dropped. Protection is essential to avoid unnecessary expenses caused by accidental damage. But at Tablet2Cases we understand that the real challenge goes beyond this - particularly when it comes to supplying the healthcare industry with protective cases for their tablets.


How did we make this germ-free dream come true?

It’s no secret that bacteria and viruses are rife in hospitals and doctors surgery's, spreading like wildfire if the appropriate precautions aren’t put in place. It’s so easy for infections to spread in this type of environment. All it takes is one member of staff to be caring for a sick patient, update their notes on the tablet, then another member of staff to pick up the contaminated tablet. And boom, more people become sick.

So after months of extensive research and studies, we’ve found a way to minimize this risk with an "Anti-Bacterial Rugged Case" - also known as Pure Sense Cases. These are foam cases which during production are injected with an additive called SteriTouch to stop the spread of microorganisms. Making it easy to keep your tablet sanitized and free from bacteria. The foam design also helps increase the longevity of the product. These cases have been widely accepted among the health and education sector.

We’re so grateful we’ve had the opportunity to positively impact all of our clients so far and we’re looking forward to continuing to make the healthcare industry a safer environment for both patients and staff. If you think your business or someone you know would benefit from this, send an email to for more information.

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