• Subtech Sports DRYSKIN Apple iPad 2/3/4 Waterproof Skin

      The folks at Subtech Sports couldn’t have done better in providing any iPad owner affordably-priced, excellent protection for the tablet against outdoor conditions. A little effort is required to get the iPad into the transparent polyurethane sleeve, but the second skin-like fit that the DRYSKIN provides is worth it. And speaking of worth, the price of around $30 makes this a best case...
  • OverBoard Apple iPad 1/2/3/4 Waterproof Case

      The full name emblazoned on this waterproof case reads “OverBoard iPad Case with Rear Hand Loop and Back Camera Window” - and that about says it all. OverBoard has created a nice sturdy waterproof case made of tough TPU material that’s strong enough to withstand depths of over 19 feet, yet thin enough to allow all the touchscreen sensitivity.
  • LifeJacket Apple iPad 1/2/3/4 Waterproof Case review

      Like those orange flotation devices you used to use when learning to swim, the LifeJacket iPad waterproof case is bulky and buoyant. Also similarly, the LifeJacket case isn’t exactly designed for style or multi-purpose use. While any iPad is easily inserted into this protector case, the user must be prepared for a serious lack of functionality, because once sealed the tablet buttons, ports,...
  • DryCASE Apple iPad / 10" Tablet Waterproof Case review

      Although you certainly could, this DryCASE bag is not for keeping your food items fresh, but rather to store your tablet so you can use it at the beach, the pool, on a boat, or even while out camping. With flexible plastic and vacuum-sealed technology, this waterproof tablet case will make your device completely water resistant, as well as shielded against dirt, dust,...
  • Aquapac Apple iPad 1/2/3/4/Air Waterproof Case review

      Water, the final frontier for your Apple iPad, may be conquered with help from the Aquapac Waterproof Case. Simply seal the tablet in this molded TPU sleeve-like holder for iPad use at the beach, in the shower, and even submerged in depths of up to 15 feet!
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