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2012 Best tablet keyboard case


The Cooper Cases perform the task at hand for a fair price. But the Rock Light & Cool was the best keyboard case in 2012. For starters, it is the slimmest keyboard folio-style case that we have encountered to date. The silicone keyboard is dust/water-resistant, and also removable for added convenience. Magnets are also in place for auto sleep/wake function, which is generally a rarity for this case-style. Finally, the Light & Cool is built for long-lasting use and competes in price against some more well-known brand name keyboard case designs.

Slim folio case or bulky keyboard case? A simple game of rock, paper, scissors should easily decide this debate. The Rock Light & Cool case features a dust/waterproof silicone keyboard with scissor-cut keys, including several buttons dedicated to the new iPad (or iPad 2) functions. Sure, paper beats rock, but this design is paper-thin compared to many other keyboard cases on the market.


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Brand Rock
Color Beige, Black
Style Keyboard
Tablet Apple iPad 2 , Apple iPad 3 , Apple iPad 4