Established 1988
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Product range Medium

Arkon is a Californian manufacturer specializing in car mounts for various mobile devices including GPS, smartphones, and tablets. The company strives to produce high-quality accessories and Arkon cases which simplify lives by providing more comfortable and easy ways to use mobile gadgets inside vehicles. The majority of their products are available through OEM bundles with mobile devices themselves, but the company also utilizes other sales channels including online, mail order, wholesale, retail, and more.

Arkon’s product line includes a variety of tablet car mounts that attach to various parts of the interior such as the windshield, air vent, lighter socket, and more. These accessories are compatible with a variety of current tablets including all generations of Apple iPads and a wide range of Android tablets. With products ranging from $5 to $200 and more, everyone will be able to afford an Arkon mount.

High quality build, versatility of usage, and ultra-extensive compatibility with virtually any current mobile device makes Arkon one of the leaders of car mounts for this particular industry. And the ultra-wide range of products the company is manufacturing for tablet owners, allows just about everyone to find and buy Arkon tablet cases suitable for their needs and budget.


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