Established 2004
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Product range Medium

Artwizz is Berlin Germany-based and founded in 2004. One look at ArtWizz products shall convince you that this company is driven to produce smart accessories for popular electronic devices. At this time, the company is committed only to serving owners of Apple devices. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that such products are indeed the most popular and sought after on the planet today.

The Apple iPad has only been out on the market for a short time and already there are numerous ArtWizz iPad cases ready for purchase. They consist of a diverse line of tablet cases, pouches and tablet sleeves, with equally wide-ranging prices (19.99 - 89.99 EURO) to accommodate nearly any budget. Also, the materials used to make ArtWizz iPad cases shall lead us to believe that the company is focused on providing a quality product relative to its suggested retail price.

Unless you speak/understand German, then the company’s product reviews on YouTube will be of no use to you when trying to determine if you want to buy ArtWizz tablet cases. Presumably, this company does not look to serve the fashion-forward thinking individuals, but should satisfy those concerned with functionality, quality and value.


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