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Unfortunately, there is not much that can be learned regarding this company’s profile. With its products positioned only in stores located throughout Asia, it may be confusing to discover that the company is based in Ontario, California. In all likelihood, this address may have been established to provide some level of company assurance amongst potential North American-based consumers, who can only acquire AviiQ cases via the Internet.

Upon its arrival to the tablet case market, this company submitted the AviiQ tablet stand case for iPad and the AViiQ smart cover for Apple iPad 2. The latter has been their best seller to date, as it was built to compliment the Apple Smart Covers. But, consumers may be reluctant to buy AviiQ cases when realizing the total $90 investment that will incur when matched with its Apple counterpart.

While some of you may still have concerns about this company due to their reluctance to share any background information, in their defense it appears they would prefer to sit back and let their AviiQ cases do all the talking. Or, perhaps AviiQ cases reviews will do the talking, as many have encouraging things to say about this company's products.


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