Established 2010
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Established in 2010, Day of the Thread is a small entrepreneurship that specializes in designing and producing accessories for the popular Apple iPad tablets. As creative souls and lovers of Apple products, founders Steph and Bruno are inspired to develop a collection of handmade covers and Day of the Thread cases that exclusively cater to fellow iPad owners. So, take out a pen and mark your calendar for the Day of the Thread!

The team has already developed a wide-selection of Day of the Thread iPad cases, which are all styled as tablet envelope cases and priced at $50 each. These original handmade tablet cases are made of soft cotton and plush velvet fabrics that will protect your device from bumps and scratches. From modern conservative to funky and ornate pattern designs, the company is readily capable of accommodating a variety of personal tastes.

In contrast to many of the mass-production companies, the Day of the Thread team maintains an attention toward detail in creating one-of-a-kind quality accessories. As your peers, you can trust this dynamic duo to develop products that will comfort your iPad. With many trendy and stylish choices, we envision many fashionable individuals will want to buy Day of the Thread tablet cases.


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