Established 1995
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Product range Small

The small town of Windham, New Hampshire, a suburb north of Boston (and the small town where this reviewer was raised), seems like a well-suited location for this modestly sized company. But there is nothing minimal about Contour Design’s ability to achieve success. Since 1995, this company has established a reputation of being renowned creators of fashionable and functional accessories for electronic gadgets.

Similar to this company’s size, is the limited collection of only 3 Contour Design iPad cases that it currently has to offer. Though the designs of these tablet cases are simple, attention will be drawn to their sleek, slim form and rubberized materials for providing your device with ideal hand-held functional use.

Based upon what this company has developed for other popular mobile electronic devices, it can be anticipated that they will eventually deliver more accessories to this particular market that are as equally fashionable as they are functional. For now, those who buy Contour Design tablet cases will simply be pleased with this company's ability to provide their gadget with a more ergonomic solution.


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