Established 1990
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Operating since the early 1990’s, the Istanbul-based DC-Cases was founded as a small family-owned workshop specializing in the creation of leather handmade cases . Now that they have expanded to keep up with the growing market, the hands of their artisans are working even harder to uphold this company's tradition and integrity to produce high-quality merchandise.

Within the company’s collection of products, there are currently just 2 DC-Cases iPad cases . Since their price is not revealed this may imply that they vary, rather than the typical belief, if you have to ask then you simply cannot afford it. Conservatively designed with regard to style and functionality, the fact that these accessories are comprised of genuine leather and custom fabrics shall ensure this company’s dedication to creating products of fine-craftsmanship and quality.

While the company is indeed committed to committed service, it may be frustrating to discover that their website does not offer a purchasing link at this time. Yet fortunately that is where we step in, to provide quick and easy accessibility for those of you who are interested to buy DC Cases tablet cases.


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