Established 2011
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Here is a company that serves as another testimony to the success of the Kickstarter project. If not for this special fundraising program, Don’t Panic may have never been able to introduce their amazing new invention to the tablet case market. Founder Thomas Fulton has developed "the world’s most comfortable iPad case", a one-of-a-kind accessory to help you relax.

The original Don’t Panic case is a folio case that adapts to any leisure position. It includes a hand strap for holding your iPad/iPad 2 more securely, but you’ll probably prefer to take advantage of its stand function. The design incorporates an adjustable magnetic strap for creating a variety of angled-supports, which can prop your device on your lap while resting in a hammock, on a sofa, or in bed. It’s made of soft felt fabric that is available in 5 different colors to start; the more funds they raise, the more colors and materials will be made available.

The company has recently fulfilled their initial fundraising goal so interested consumers can now begin to buy Don’t Panic tablet cases. If you are looking for a comfortable and efficient way to use your device in a relaxing position, "Don’t panic!"...This company has exactly what need!


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