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This company out of Toronto, Canada manufactures removable covers for protecting and customizing portable devices. While there are already other companies that concentrate on offering similar accessories, GelaSkins looks to separate from its competitors and adhere to this particular market by offering consumers with an opportunity to create a custom 'skin of their dreams.'

Those of you who look to buy GelaSkin tablet skins will be pleased to find that the company offers a wide-assortment of colorful and imaginative pattern designs to match your identity and lifestyle. Priced at $20-30USD, these products are made of scratch-resistant material that will offer some protection to your device while primarily functioning to give it some added character and personality.

When many companies are focusing on developing products to serve the most popular tablet cases atop the market, GelaSkins table skins are created to stick to nearly every currently available tablet PC brand. The company already offers a vast selection of designs to choose from. Even if you fail to locate one to match your individual personality, at least you have the unique opportunity to create your own for a low price.


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