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Gone Studio is a ‘green’ company that designs accessories to help your electronic devices thrive. But more importantly, they are driven to create products that are 100% eco-friendly in order to shape a healthy environment for future generations and their gadgets to flourish. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Gone Studio uses no plastic or other petrochemicals. Instead, only renewable and recycled materials that are durable and of the highest quality are used.

Using only hand and foot powered tools and machinery, Gone Studio has developed a tablet sleeve made of the finest wool felt material that is naturally water and stain-resistant. The single Gone Studio case costs a mere $29.90 and its available in kiwi green or charcoal. The design incorporates a snap-button closure, and the back of the button is covered with natural cork material to avoid scratching the screen when inserting and removing your device.

Zero plastic, zero waste, and zero electricity are the key, socially responsible attributes of every Gone Studio product. Environmentally conscious iPad owners who seek a stylish ‘green’ product, that doesn’t cost a lot of green, will certainly feel motivated to buy Gone Studio tablet cases.


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