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The GoPad is an unparalleled, patent-pending design invented by Visionary Technology Inc. With offices in the US and Canada, the company refers to itself as “a special place for designing special tools”. And indeed, the newest GoPad cases are very unique special tools for owners of popular tablets.

Figuratively speaking, if you already consider your tablet to be an extra appendage, then the GoPad is for you. It literally keeps the device on your person. Sure, the GoPad case can function as a tablet stand on flat surfaces, or the user’s lap, but it’s primarily designed to be a body stand, with its frame resting against the user’s belly. And the incorporated strap is not for the hand or shoulder, but rather a neck harness. The design holds the tablet perfectly safe and still, leaving both hands free to go about their business of interacting with it.

The GoPad completely changes the way we label case styles and features, that is how unique and special this new case concept truly is. Many were quick to buy GoPad tablet cases, which in turn led the company to introduce more for other tablets, including: Blackberry Playbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Motorola Xoom and Kindle Fire.


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