Established 2009
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The last thing Grovemade (or simply Grove) would ever do is leave their ideas and designs in someone else’s hands to create. From start to finish, this Portland, Oregon company has a strong close-knit team to it all! Graphic design, product design and prototyping, CNC and laser production, hand craftsmanship, photography, marketing and customer service. Indeed Grovemade does it all!

After all their hard work, the company introduces a few Grovemade iPad cases to the current market. For some basic ‘wood paneling’, they offer a tablet skin ($19) with the look of amber wood. Next, they offer a tablet cover ($99), a Smart Cover design made of genuine leather, with optional patterns. Alas, “The Grove Bamboo” ($139) can give you it all, plus more. It’s a more robust tablet protector case made of natural Bamboo fiber, combined with the genuine leather Smart Cover.

Grovemade may indeed do it all, but they do still let you get it on the action as well. You can choose to have the leather engraved by selecting a design from their artist series, or uploading your own custom artwork and photos. Their products have a Zen-like aesthetic, and you’ll certainly enjoy some peach and harmony with your device once you buy Grove tablet cases.


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