Established 1921
Origin ITALY
Link Website
Product range Medium

While working at the world-famous Savoy Hotel in London, Guccio Gucci had the vision to create a brand that combined the refined aesthetic of British nobility with the skilled crafts of his native Italy. Since 1921, his namesake company has been designing, producing and marketing fine-quality leather goods, luggage and fashion accessories, which have ultimately established the Gucci label as one of the most well-known and respected premium brands in the world.

With a new line of Gucci iPad cases , the company is continuing their rich tradition of delivering high-quality products to the consumer. Incorporating various materials and patterns, these tablet designer cases are constructed in three different styles: tablet sleeves , folding cases and tablet cases for women . Although their prices ($155-$450) may not necessarily attract the average consumer, they shall be considered appropriate given the company’s reputation for catering to high-end lifestyles.

This company’s interlocking double-G logo has become a legendary and world-renown symbol for high-quality merchandise. Not to suggest that they already lack confidence, but those who can afford to buy Gucci tablet cases will be even more proud to flaunt their device once they fit it with one of these luxurious and stylish accessories.


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