Established 2010
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Product range Medium

HOCO Technology Co. Ltd is a South Korean manufacturer that specializes in creating accessories for PC’s and electronic mobile devices. Although the company focuses on simple design, they reject the idea of compromising quality. HOCO utilizes natural leather and synthetic materials to form durable, well-constructed products, which will ultimately serve to protect and extend the life of your delicate gadgets.

The company currently offers several HOCO cases, a selection of folio tablet cases and stand cases for the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 and both versions of the Apple iPad. Priced at $30-$35, these accessories are part of the "Exclusively Touching" series, which promotes a lightweight, trim design with elegant style. While they will feel great in your hands, they will not touch an exclusive amount of your hard earned money.

Although HOCO currently recognizes just two of the industry’s top brands, we anticipate their collection will soon expand to serve other popular tablet computers as well. For now, iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab owners alike should feel inspired to buy Hoco tablet cases, since they will be receiving an affordably low-priced accessory that allows them to fully interact with their device.


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