Established 2010
Origin USA
Link Website
Product range Small

Hooby Groovy is all about producing colorful, fun and cute accessories for serving the Apple user community. The company was founded by Ee-Leng, who continues to own, operate and design all products by hand, and assures the best materials and workmanship goes into each creation. In creating Hooby Groovy cases, Ee-Leng takes inspiration from all of her passions and interests, which include video games, books, art, music, fashion, sports, and nature.

Hooby Groovy cases are styled as tablet sleeves and separated into three different collections. The Ninja Collection offers "The Angry Ninja" and The Animals of Hooby Groovy Land Collection includes "The Panda". The Super Mario Brothers Collection pays homage to the classic Nintendo video game, and features the "Super Mushroom", the “1-Up Mushroom”, the "Goomba" and "Yoshi". The latter is available only by request, and is priced at $59.95. All other sleeves are $54.95 each, making them a great value for a one-of-a-kind handmade tablet case.

No other brand or company can match what Ee-Leng delivers to the tablet case market. Her extremely clever and fun protective solutions should attract many to buy Hooby Groovy tablet cases. Those in need of a whimsical accessory for their device will also be happy to learn that Ee-Leng welcomes any custom requests.


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