Established 2000
Product range Small

FiberShell is actually a registered trademark of the French start-up company Roctool, which was founded 2000. This company was established as a priority to develop and improve molding technologies for the composite and plastic industries (yawn...boring!). The company is now motivated to create Eco-friendly accessories for hand-held electronic devices (okay, now they have our attention!).

Roctool has developed and introduced two different collections for the tablet case market, the EcoFiber and Performance lines, which each include one FiberShell iPad case . These tablet protectors are made of 100% natural fiber, designed to keep your device incredibly lightweight and trim. And their sophisticated price tag (75EUR) will confirm the company’s use of advanced technologies in their manufacturing processes.

There are a lot of growing concerns for the environment these days, and Roctool appears poised and ready to address them with their collection of accessories. Those environmentally-conscious individuals, who are on the constant move and wish to reduce their carbon-footprint, are the perfect to target to buy FiberShell tablet cases.


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