Established 2009
Origin UTAH, USA
Link Website
Product range Small

The originating design team behind HzO began by creating emergency response communications equipment for applied use in maritime environments. From there, they saw the need to develop and commercialize advanced technology that protects all types of electronic devices against the damaging effects of water. ZAGG recognized this vision as well, so in 2009 they purchased the original technology and created the HzO brand. By 2011, the trademarked Waterblock technology had commercially evolved so that HzO cases could offer full-body waterproof protection to a range of electronic devices.

The HzO tablet protector is a nano-thin, water-repellent transparent film that blankets vital electronic device circuitry and components. This design won’t disrupt the look and feel of devices. In fact, the user will forget it is even there, until of course, their valuable gadget needs it. As of August 2012, both HzO and ZAGG websites have yet to list any available designs. But if we ventured a good guess, this waterproof tablet case should soon be introduced, starting with fits for the most popular tablets.

Contrary to their users, valuable devices will live a long full life without water. Which is why many should buy HzO tablet cases to ensure this harmful element doesn’t seep into the cracks and cause permanent, life-threatening damage.


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