Established 2004
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Product range Medium

This company’s name suggests something comfortable and cushy and that's exactly what the Foof brand delivers to popular Apple devices. Originating in Dublin Ireland, the company established its reputation by using local quality fabrics in all of its products. Now based in Australia, they import these same materials to continue the popularity and tradition of Foof sleeves.

Though its overall collection of products is limited, the company has become a prominent niche artisan brand and currently offers several Foof iPad sleeves, that can also be used for other similarly sized tablets. Their funky designs and affordable price ($24) will suggest that the company definitely targets the hip and casual iPad users. Foof tablet sleeves are also machine-washable, confirming that the company strives to create products that are built to last.

In addition to using mostly natural materials, the company is not willing to employ third-world factory workers to make their products. Such humanitarian commitments should encourage many to buy Foof tablet cases. Like comfy wool socks, or a warm fluffy blanket, this company’s products protect your naked electronic devices. Though seemingly a simple concept, indeed some of the best things in life are simple.


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