Established 2008
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Contrary to what their name may suggest, this company is not a manufacturer of hygienic products that leave your skin feeling wonderfully fresh and smooth. Rather IvySkin has been a developer of accessories for Apple devices since 2005. The company is motivated to design, manufacture and deliver fun and useful solutions for digital entertainment and personal computing.

IvySkin operates with the mission - "to be different; different in bringing together cutting edge, fresh designs into Apple's world." At this point, the company offers several IvySkin iPad cases . Three of these products are tablet protectors , which offer simple function and priced ($10 & 30USD) to target those who seek a low-cost option. The other is a tablet battery case for the iPad 2 , and priced at $100 to target consumers in the high-end sector of the market. IvySkin also produces two tablet screen protectors .

Though the company provides a very limited selection at this time, an IvySkin case can be found in every price category of the tablet case market. While the company makes some effort to provide style, they primarily develop their products to attract those concerned with reducing the aging of their device to buy IvkSkin tablet cases.


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