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Headquartered in San Francisco California, Joby is a young, high-growth company that specializes in designing innovative products to inspire creative and active lifestyles. The company exploded onto the scene in 2006, introducing the Gorilla pod, a product line that revolutionized the camera accessories market. Joby has since expanded into the electronics market with the GorillaMobile and GorillaTorch Series.

The GorillaMobile Series currently contains two Joby tablet cases, the “Yogi” and “Ori”, each individually designed for both the iPad ($23/$29) and iPad 2 ($52/$91). Inspired by origami and created for comfort, the “Ori” is a sleek tablet folio case with tablet stand feature that lifts-off into the air, providing an ergonomic display height and adjustable viewing angle. For more limber adaptability, the “Yogi” is a tablet stand case designed with flexible legs to prop and/or secure your device in a number of ways. It can even serve as a tablet car case, with coiling legs that can wrap around the headrest seat post.

Joby cases have a futuristic-look and advanced function that are an ideal compliment for modern devices. Consider the robotic-like “Ori” and “Yogi”, each will securely suspend your device’s screen in space with an efficient swivel action. Just one look at these innovative ‘space-age’ accessories for the iPad/iPad 2, and it’s easy to understand why this company has a strong and loyal following of customers who buy Joby tablet cases.


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