Established 1993
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Here is a company that is doing something no other in this industry can match. Based in Zurich Switzerland, Freitag recycles used truck tarps (tarpaulins), car safety belts, and bicycle inner tubes to create accessories for electronic devices. Backpacks, handbags, messenger bags, wallets, and now a selection of tablet cases, Freitag offers some of the coolest, most unique accessories you will ever find.

At this time, there are just a couple Freitag iPad cases available for purchase, one for the iPad ($85) and another for the iPad2 ($120). Styled as tablet folding cases with tablet stand function, these accessories are some of thinnest designs yet their use of recycled tarpaulin makes them most rugged against everyday wear and tear. If this material can withstand wind and rain while used on trucks, imagine what it could do for your device.

Reviewing as many companies as we do it is easy to quickly lose interest in those that design and promote similar looking merchandise. But Freitag really excites us as a company that is doing something that no other can currently match. Freitag is German for “Friday”, but we think people will want to buy Freitag tablet cases so their device can look cool everyday of the week.


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