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As a division of Real Simple Ideas LLC, this Florida-based company was established with one simple goal in mind - "to squeeze the most fun and most function out of every product we make." With their debut product, the Headcase Etch-A-Sketch iPad case , this group of headcases appear well on their way to fulfilling their business objectives.

Clearly this company has manufactured a clever and one-of-a-kind kids tablet case that will stand out amongst the endless line of ordinary and conservatively styled tablet cases that overwhelm this market. Though it may not necessarily attract conservative and stuffy corporate-types, its price tag of $40USD make it an affordable choice for anyone, including business professionals, who want to get in touch with their inner child.

Headcase cases reviews will confirm the legitimacy of this product’s functionality and protective qualities, and suggest that it be taken more seriously than its projected image. This company certainly possesses a unique mission and fun perspective. We shall look forward to the development of more tablet cases that remind us of the toys our innocent youth and protect the toys of our complicated and hectic modern lifestyles.


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