Established 1997
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Product range Medium

UK-based Logic3 originated in 1977 as a primary wholesaler of photography accessories. As part of the relentlessly evolving electronics industry, the company continued to adapt over the years to become one of the world’s premier providers of portable audio and video game accessories. Still recognizing the growing markets of the industry, Logic3 has added tablet cases to their wide-selection of products.

The company has responded to tablet computer hysteria by introducing several Logic3 iPad cases to the market. Consisting of tablet protectors , stand cases and folding tablet case designs, this company primarily offers products to keep your device trim and functional. And with a price range (£10 - £20), Logic3 clearly sets out to occupy the lower end part of the market, and primarily targets those with tight budgets to buy Logic3 tablet cases.

Logic3’s apparent approach to business is about quickly responding to the evolving technological markets. While their current collection will not overwhelm you, they do provide some options that can attract those with common logic who seek an accessory that offers basic functional performance for a low-cost.


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