Established 1981
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While scientists may be located somewhere in the Swiss-Alps working to reinvent the DNA-structure of mice (rodents), Logitech, also based in Switzerland, has already reinvented mice (computer peripherals) numerous times over. Since 1981, this company has been driven to design personal computer peripherals in order to help promote a better experience with the digital world.

At this time, the company has developed a few Logitech cases. The price ($70) is significantly higher than standard tablet cases because these are tablet keyboard cases. These accessories are ideal choices for those who wish to instantly transform their tablet into a laptop. While converting tablets into laptops may not be everyone's piece of pie, there is a market for it and this trustworthy brand should inspire you to buy Logitech tablet cases.

Logitech is a widely recognized name in the computer industry with a proven track record of reinventing its products. Though we definitely do not think they need to reinvent their current accessories, we do hope that this reputable company will soon develop more tablet cases to provide us with a larger selection to choose from.


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