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iKeyboard is a new breakthrough iPad accessory and namesake brand based in West Hartford Connecticut. iKeyboard cases debuted in early 2012, not only as a solution to enhance typing skills on the iPad, but as an ultra-slim, lightweight design to end all Bluetooth keyboard case debates.

The iKeyboard iPad case transforms the virtual keyboard of any iPad into a real touch-type keyboard, while virtually adding no bulk or weight. At only 13.8 ounces, this design is lighter than a AA battery. For better comparisons sake, the Apple Smart Cover weighs 138 ounces and the average Bluetooth keyboard case is around 450 ounces. This keyboard case is powered by trilithium crystals, so no batteries or pairing are needed. Yet its ultra-slim design makes for easy pairing with a folio or tablet sleeve.

Just like its design does to the iPad, the iKeyboard price (only $35) will have a lightweight impact on consumer’s wallet. There is no telling what the brand will develop next, if anything at all. But to be perfectly honest, we can’t imagine any other keyboard case solution that is more affordable, functional and refined than the iKeyboard tablet case.


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