Established 2005
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Berlin-based Just Mobile creates accessories and cases for, well, mobile electronic devices. The ’just’ could be attributed to the fact that they focus on designing solutions for popular Apple electronics. When the company began in 2005, they did make products for Windows Mobile phones, but that all changed once the iPhone arrived to the market. They started with a stand, and their collection has since expanded to over 30 product lines of Just Mobile cases, many of them being award-winning designs.

Indeed, the company is infatuated with all things Apple. But, not all Just Mobile iPad cases and other accessories are just iPad exclusive. Products include chargers, batteries, Stylus pens, tablet stands and a wall mount. There are three different aluminum tablet stand designs ($55-$90), which can hold a variety of branded tablets. The wall mount ($75) is non-obtrusive aluminum design compatible with all iPads.

Sure, they are minimalist, but quite reasonably priced for quality, high-grade aluminum designs that show-off fine engineering and industrial design prowess that the Germans are known for. We now understand why they’ve earned a few awards. Those who buy Just Mobile tablet cases don’t just receive a functional accessory, but also a work of metal art sculpture.


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