Established 2012
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A French designer and manufacturer of unique, high-quality accessories for mobile electronic gadgets, Ninki-UP, was founded in 2012. The company has carried out a thorough research and employed a team of creative designers before their first product was brought to the market. Since then, the manufacturer creates that not only enhance everyday lives of tablet owners, but also deliver one-of-a-kind looks making Ninki-UP tablet cases stand out in the crowd of ordinary tablet accessories. Their products are not only about productivity and function, they can also serve as decorative items in any environment from a business office to a living room.

The range of product for those wishing to buy Ninki-UP tablet cases includes an impressive selection of tablet stand cases. Each item bears a unique design and is compatible with all Apple tablet models and a wide range of similar tablet PCs. The company creates its products from acrylic blocks, resulting in glass and crystal-like items, which are stronger and lighter. All shapes and cuts are made with laser ensuring the best possible quality. Prices range from $50 to $56.

Ninki-UP cases are designed to enhance productivity of tablet owners. However, these tablet cases also provide unique, stylish looks, which can brighten up any environment they are placed in. A range of attractive designs, high-quality materials and manufacturing process results in attractive items popular with a wide range of clients.


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