Established 1948
Origin USA
Link Website
Product range Small

Toys ''R'' Us is synonymous with toys not only in the USA, but around the world as well. The world’s leading toy authority was founded in 1948 and has been putting smiles on kids’ and parents’ faces ever since. The current product range of the company includes every imaginable toy from trains and airplanes to bikes and video games, and with the rapid technological advancements the manufacturer has also turned their attention to mobile gadget market with their own tablet device and Toys ''R'' Us tablet cases. The company strives to make toys of the very best quality, but they also pay great attention to the safety of the families who buy their items.

Although Toys ''R'' Us stores stock virtually every imaginable tablet play case from third-party manufacturers, there’s also an item for customers explicitly looking to buy Toys ''R'' Us tablet cases. The company manufactures its very own tablet device designed for kids – Tabeo ($150), and naturally makes a protective case to shield the tablet: Bumper, which is supplied with the tablet itself.

If you’re looking for a tablet play case for your children, Toys ''R'' Us is the place to go. But on top of third-party tablet accessories, the company also manufactures and markets their proprietary tablet PC for kids, which is supplied together with a highly protective Toys ''R'' Us tablet case.


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