Established 2009
Origin USA
Link Website
Product range Small

Treegloo supports old-world design with new millennium technology by creating products that merge traditional book styles with modern electronic devices. In addition to their focus on classic and sensible design, Treegloo is committed toward operating as a ‘green’ company. The company projects a Zen-like image, which should give many consumers peace of mind that their devices will be safe inside Treegloo cases.

The company currently offers just 2 Treegloo iPad cases . The minimalistic Treegloo Plank adopts the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, which appreciates the aesthetics of natural beauty and modesty. Speaking of modesty, this tablet stand is priced at $20 for minimalistic budgets. The other accessory they offer is a book tablet case , but rather than selecting from company stock, you design your own. With starting prices ($35-$60), these are a great value considering they cost less than similarly styled cases offered by other companies.

Although their collection of pre-made accessories is limited, this tree still stands as an attractive company based on their unique custom tablet case services. Or, if you are into minimalism and concerned about reducing your carbon footprint, you should still stick to this tree and buy Treegloo tablet cases.


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