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Contrary to what this company’s name may suggest, Manhattan Cellular (MCA) is not a designer and marketer of cell phones in the most popular borough of New York City. Perhaps once independently owned and operated, this company is actually part of Ascendeo, a European Joint Venture group that focuses on designing and developing the best accessories for computer gaming and electronic mobile devices.

While this company maintains a vast collection of products, they currently offer just 4 types of Manhattan Cellular iPad cases . This line of accessories consists of tablet stand cases , tablet hard cases , and tablet sleeves , which are priced at 15-35 EURO to target the low-end consumer. The company does offer one leather tablet case , the Leather Snow Clip case, which includes a rotating stand feature and is priced at 99 EUR to target the high-end consumers who demand superior functionality and innovation.

Perhaps Manhattan Cellular (Ascendeo) can be expected to introduce more products to this particular market as the tablet computer industry continues to mature. Although their current collection is limited, this company is displaying a commitment to accommodate a wide-range of budgets, an effort that should attract many consumers to buy MCA Manhattan Cellular tablet cases.


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