Established 2008
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Product range Medium

Established in 2008, this California-based company is a group of creative and skilled professionals who possess a vast amount of experience in the mobile personal entertainment and the digital lifestyle marketplace. XGearLive aims to enhance the consumer experience by developing products that combine quality and style, while upholding an affordable cost. Ultimately, this company focuses on serving the Apple user community by delivering products that will have them "Geared for Life."

The company maintains a moderate-sized collection of products, which currently includes a selection of 6 XGearLive iPad cases. These accessories are predominantly styled as tablet hard cases , tablet skins and tablet protectors . With a price-range ($13 - $60) that will confirm this company’s focus on sustaining affordability, these cases shall appeal to the low and mid-range consumers who demand sleek and stylish protection.

XGearLive strives to target the gadget generation with their collection of trim, protective solutions that are designed to reflect the coolness these individuals often desire. While this company may not necessarily be consumed with creating any robust tablet cases, what they do currently offer can perform the basic functions, and for a price that may be perceived as ample enough reason to buy XGearlive tablet cases.


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