Established 2012
Origin USA
Link Website  
Product range Large

ReFleece is an American manufacturer of electronic gadget accessories founded in 2012 by husband and wife Sam Palmer and Jennifer Feller. The company is making their items from unique material – ReFleece, which is a brand new kind of felt derived from recovered fleece jackets and recycled fleece scrap. The combination of one-of-a-kind recycled materials and low energy manufacturing process results in a very small harmful impact on our environment when ReFleece tablet cases are created. At the same time the brand is committed to creating sustainable products, which offer great looks and attractive design.

A wide range of tablet owners can choose to buy ReFleece tablet cases. The company makes accessories for all Apple tablets, Amazon Kindles, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and even Coby Kyros. Their styles are limited to tablet sleeves and tablet folio cases, but each model is available in a number of attractive colors. All cases offer decent impact protection for the tablets inside. Prices range from $25 to $32.

Tablet owners concerned with the well-being of our planet can now choose to protect their devices with eco-friendly tablet cases from ReFleece. The company utilizes recovered fleece clothing and recycled fleece scrap to come up with unique material, to create their items from. There’s a range of accessories compatible with various tablets, and each of them is available in a variety of colors. The affordable pricing makes the company’s products popular with a wide base of clients.


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