Established 1999
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The California-based PPC Techs Inc was founded as a full-service company for the mobile electronics industry. The company specializes in repair and upgrades, as well as designing and manufacturing accessories for many popular gadgets. Since their establishment in 1999, PPC Techs has maintained a commitment to deliver products that offer high-quality and outstanding function.

The company offers a single PPC Techs iPad case - the SlateShield 360, one for each version of the Apple iPad. Priced at $55, this tablet case with a strap is designed with an adjustable collapsible strap that allows you to easily hold your device in the palm of your hand. A hand-strap is incorporated into a 360 degree rotating system for landscape and portrait modes, and also includes a built-in stand for setting your device down for typing and viewing uses. Reverse your device when not in use and this becomes a tablet protector for safe portability.

With the SlateShield 360, users will hold, stand, rotate and protect their device. Those who want to minimize their limitations and maximize their productivity should certainly feel excited to buy PPC Techs tablet cases. If this accessory is a sign of things to come, then we definitely think that PPC Techs should be on everyone’s radar.


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