A convenient feature of nearly every smaller electronic device, a lanyard is now included on many tablet cases to provide totability for those users who don’t necessarily require a complete carrier or handled case. The familiar look and makeup so frequently seen on other electronics is maintained in the great majority of tablet cases with the feature: A typically plastic or synthetic material loop is attached to one side with stitching or a small metal aglet.

Since the lanyard feature is designed to address those cases which are more easily carried, most lanyard cases are made from softer, more pliable material for lighter weight and easier attachment of the lanyard itself. Though far more commonly seen on cases for 7” or 8” tablets, some cases with lanyards are available for iPads, iPad-sized devices and larger models as well.

The prospective owner of such a tablet case must pay particular attention to the lanyard itself and its connecting aglet. Perhaps the biggest minus in selecting a case with lanyard is that so much depends on these two pieces to be of quality sturdy material.


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