For those users looking to carry the tablet in hand, there are hand strap cases for improved mobility in holding the tablet, better angles in displaying the screen one-handed, and prevention of accidental slippage.

Straps on tablet cases are typically adjustable and come in a slight range of sizes from very thin to palm-width. Many case straps are built directly onto the carrier, typically at the top, though in some models designed specifically for the Apple iPad, these appear the bottom. Either option should allow portage by carrying the tablet in one’s hand or on the wrist. The strap may be detachable or permanent, perhaps with some kind of pocket provided to stow away a detachable strap. Hand strap cases may include Velcro or snaps for easy removal and replacement and some serve as a base for the device to prop it up.

Hand straps may be found in any number of styles, including back protectors, Smart Cover-compatible cases, sleeves and more – essentially any style designed to be easily carried may include this feature.


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