Wall mount tablet cases allow the device to be affixed to a wall or any vertical surface, convenient use especially in the kitchen or in the office. The best wall mount case should cradle the tablet, sometimes snapping the device into place for a firm fit. Permanent mounts may be affixed with screws or something similar, but most models do not require any sort of drastic change to the wall.

The mounting system will typically include a backer which cradles the tablet and a piece that fits into an opening on the back. The mount itself is often a small piece which is mounted onto the wall. This piece may be a cross shape or a simple circular form. A wall mount should be as lightweight and slim as all tablet-related technology, and is often made of plastic for this purpose.

Most important to think about when considering a tablet wall mount is the permanent/temporary aspect: A permanent mount will leave marks, holes, etc. on the surface to which it is attached.

This category is featured in our annual Tablet2Cases Golden Case Awards. Check out past winners and nominees for Best Wall Mount in 2013.


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