Tablet skins are thin sticker-like casings decorated with an image or a pattern which offer users a relatively inexpensive option in tablet protection with the emphasis strongly on look and design. The skins are adhered to the tablet, making for a sheer fit over the device while allowing access to all ports. Because these skins do not cover the screen or are sometimes transparent, the tablet can be freely used when skinned.

The thinner skins provide protection against scratching, smearing and moisture, but are primarily notable for their designs, which often feature works drawings and works of art like those of Klimt, Warhol and Picasso, comic-book designs by artists like Frank Miller, sports teams emblems, iconic imagery, cartoon characters and innumerable other themes. Some manufacturers now offer thousands of designs or even allow the user to submit an image from which to create a completely customized skin.

The drawback to tablet skins in general are their limited-use nature. Few skins can survive removal and replacement more than two or three times – these should primarily be considered for short-term use.


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