Technically any tablet case counts as an accessory to the device, but for the sake of simplicity here at Tablet2Cases, we use “accessory” to refer to any add-on to the tablet which enhances tablet function but does not actually encase the device.

With the notable exception of the Apple iPad line, nearly every tablet model offers its users to augment or personalize the device to their liking by way of jacks and ports. With these in place, the tablet owner may pick and choose extras for their beloved device, thereby allowing it to more and more resemble a full-on laptop computer.

Included among the best tablet accessories are sound amplifiers and speakers for the music-first (or even video-first) users; card readers to increase that internal storage space; various cable-based devices that can add to the tablet or jack it in to other electronics; the classic stylus, which some users will forever swear by; and lots more.

The added function provided by tablet accessories can do more than assist the device owner in the immediate short-term as well. A few good add-ons may actually lengthen the lifespan of the treasured tablet past its so-called “obsolence.”


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