Top 5 Sleeves

Top 5 Sleeve Cases

Those seeking the basics in encasing the tablet will be drawn to sleeves first – but “basics” need not mean “boring” or “no frills.” Below, Tablet2Cases presents our list of Top 5 Sleeves, cases chosen for going above and beyond in terms of design, customization and/or protection. Read on to find something definitely different from among all the tablet sleeves out there on the market today.

1. The WaterField Designs Ultimate Tablet Sleeve Case – Buy Now for $55

In the war among sleeves, what gives the Ultimate Case from WaterField the edge? Amazing customization options! With designs for several tablet cases, including iPads with Smart Cover , users can even choose whether they wish to carry their tablets in horizontal or vertical mode. And with an interior lined with “Ultra Suede,” this WaterField tablet case will even help clean the screen when not in use.

WaterField Designs Ultimate Tablet Sleeve Case

2. The Caseable iPad 2 Custom Sleeve – Buy Now for $49.90

Another leader in customization, Caseable tablet cases gives users free reign to create the entire exterior design of their own iPad 2 Custom Sleeve – and this is top-quality screen-printing emblazoned on top-notch scratch-resistant material. All in all, a must have for creative, if Picasso had owned a tablet case, this would be it.

Caseable iPad 2 Custom Sleeve

3. The Capdase iPad 2 Koat mKeeper Sleeve in Black – Buy Now for $54.95

A nice faux-leather exterior is a good start for the Koat mKeeper Sleeve from Capdase, but it’s what’s inside that impresses: Namely, memory foam to provide the best possible fit (and shock absorption) for the Apple iPad. Plus, the folks at Capdase tablet cases even found space for convenient pockets.

Capdase iPad 2 Koat mKeeper Sleeve

4. The Wardmaster 10” Tablet Sleeve in Logo Pattern – Buy Now for $42.95

With high tolerance to impacts and environments – this one has *four* layers of protection and insulation – the 10” Tablet Sleeve from Wardmaster offers incredible protection in a sleeve while still managing to keep a nicely trim appearance. Hard to believe that this Wardmaster tablet case also remains notably lightweight.

Wardmaster 10'' Tablet Sleeve

5. The Paul Frank Themed 7” Sleeve – Buy Now for $14.95

Finally, for the fun-loving folks and/or fans of Paul Frank’s stories, there’s this amazingly inexpensive (Under $15? Whoa.) Paul Frank tablet case. Emblazoned with Frank’s trademark monkeys, the splashy color of this sleeve sets it apart – far apart – from the masses of basic black (or gray) cases. The water resistance is also a big plus.

Paul Frank Themed 7'' Sleeve

More information on our Top 5 Sleeves or other models in the world of tablet sleeves may be found right here at Tablet2Cases. Please check out our Sleeves wiki page for lots more in this tablet case design.
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