Rokform Keeps the New iPad Under Roklock v3 and Key

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Roklock v3 from Rokform is a back protector made for Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The case features a unique built-in mounting system on the back, which makes it possible to mount the case on virtually any surface. Injection molded durable polycarbonate material will guard the device from impacts and bumps.

The new case features anti-slip grip inserts made from soft and durable TPU , which ensure the case is stable on any surface. The RokLock mounting system on the new iPad case can be complemented by optional Maglok mounting kit, which hides behind the anti-slip grips and has 6 magnets to latch the case onto any magnetic surface.

The new Apple iPad 2 case comes with a RokGard screen protector , which ensures the tablet’s screen remains scratch and smudge free at all times. The case is available in seven colors: smoke, skye blue, gun metal, shock pink, white hot, and rocksalt.

The price for this case is $69.
Magnetic kit costs extra $29.

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