The Making of a Rugged Silicone Case for the iPad Pro 11

Cooper Bounce Strap for iPad Pro 11 - a rugged, shockproof case from silicone

Cooper Cases has a few best-sellers. One of them is the Bounce Strap. It's a rugged tablet case from reinforced silicone designed for protection against falls. Intentional falls.

One of the first tablet cases to feature a shoulder strap.

The latest Bounce Strap case model is for iPad Pro 11-inch.



Cooper Bounce Strap rugged drop proof case for iPad mini 

First design

The Bounce Strap was first launched for iPad mini in June 2016. A lot has changed since then.

Trump got elected. The UK voted for Brexit. Meanwhile, in Russia, France won the Football World Cup.

Also, Apple released 9 new iPad models. And Trump launched a trade war with China. The last two are (probably) not related.

Back to iPad. Averaging 3 releases per year, the iPad keeps getting bigger, better, and stronger.

Cooper Cases keeps up with the newest tablet releases. The Bounce Strap is custom made for each iPad. Cases are available for the following models:


As well as two Samsung Galaxy Tab models:



The making of a rugged tablet case

A rugged case from silicon

Do you have headphones with small ear tips? That's silicon. The Bounce Strap is from the same material, but a lot thicker.

Similar, but better than rubber, silicone is a versatile material. It has a longer life, smoother surface, and comes in any color (even transparent). A bonus, unless you like everything black.

Unlike rubber, silicon doesn't need toxic additives in the production process. It's safe for daily use - a critical issue when you handle your iPad on the couch or bedroom.

The Bounce Strap uses a thick layer of food-grade silicon. It has a simple single-shell construction that's highly effective. Nothing can break, even with heavy use.

The shell has dedicated cutouts to access all features. Use the volume rockers, hold, and home button with the case on. There is a camera opening on the back, a hole to access the charging port, and cutouts for speakers as well.



iPad Pro 11 drop proof case

Drop protection

Tablet drop tests show curious results. Did you know that when tablets fall, they have two points to most likely hit the ground first? It's either any of the corners or the screen.

For corner protection, the Bounce Strap has a reinforced layer of defense. All four corners are larger. They have thicker silicon to absorb all impact. Each corner also has a hole for the shoulder strap, cushioning even more.

The front screen has a raised bezel to prevent the glass from touching the ground. The bezel is quite thick, leaving no chance for the screen to hit the floor on impact.

Without any doubt, the Bounce Strap for iPad Pro 11 protects the device. We've thoroughly dropped the case in-house. Both the iPad and the case came through unscratched.



A rugged case from silicon for iPad Pro 11

Custom iPad Pro 11-inch design

Cooper Cases made further changes to the iPad Pro 11-inch case design. As the iPad is heavier than other models, more silicon was added to the ridges and corners of the tablet.

Also, the case has a new feature added - a slot for charging the Pencil.


Compatible with Pencil (2nd generation)

An extra slot cut on the side of the Bounce Strap fits the latest Apple Pencil. It attaches magnetically to the iPad Pro 11 to charge itself.

Removing the Pencil for use with your iPad Pro is as simple as without the case. Take it out and slot it back in. It's no longer necessary to compromise protection and functionality.

This function is only compatible with Apple Pencil 2. The earlier Pencil generation does not have a magnet to attach itself to the side of the iPad.



iPad Pro 11 case with stand and hand strap

Extendable kickstand

Viewing a tablet hands-free is a mission-critical feature. Whether at home, on the airplane, or at a desk, standing your iPad will eventually be necessary. Don't buy a case without it.

All Bounce Strap case models come with a kickstand. It extends to various lengths to support "portrait" and "landscape" viewing angles.

Use the "landscape" angle for a wider screen to watching movies and presentations. The "portrait" angle is also known as an Instagram view. It's suitable for reading articles, browsing the web, and yes, posting on Instagram.


Secure hand-strap

Holding an iPhone in one hand and talking to someone is comfortable. The phone is small. It doesn't threaten to slip out. Holding an iPad with one hand is a different challenge.

Have you ever gone around the warehouse while holding your iPad? Yeah, probably not. In case you want to know, it gets difficult after a while.

What about doing a presentation at work or at school? Remember how you made hand gestures to bring your point home?

Now, imagine holding your iPad in one hand. Let's raise the stakes and make you a bit nervous as well. Your palms are sweaty. You are throwing your arms around. The iPad is continually trying to slip out and hit your boss in the head.

Not an issue if you have a tablet hand-strap.

Slip your hand in to get a super grip. Nothing can take it away from you now. It uses a velcro fastener to fit all hand sizes.

The strap replaces the kickstand.



Shoulder strap for iPad Pro 11 

Attachable shoulder strap 

The shoulder strap makes this an iPad Pro 11 carrying case. Use it outdoors, at home, for travel or for work.

Attach the strap to one of the corners. Adjust the strap's length to suit your height or purpose. And off you go.

All four corners of the case have holes. Connect the strap to hang the iPad horizontally or vertically. Whatever your preference.

Few cases have such flexibility. That's what makes the Bounce Strap unique.


Safety release buckle

The iPad Pro 11 version, also features a safety release buckle. It automatically opens the strap when pulled with a lot of force. It's done to prevent injuries in accidents.

Imagine your kid getting caught on a door handle while running with this case on. The safety buckle will automatically open to release the strap.

The buckle is also handy when you want to remove the strap without putting it over your head. A bit like a messenger bag. Perhaps you want to keep your hair tidy. Or when you have those big Russian hats on a cold Tuesday afternoon.


Available now for $19.95. Shipping worldwide.

As with all previous Bounce Strap models, the new drop-proof rugged case for iPad Pro 11 sells for $19.95.

Shipping worldwide from a warehouse near you. 



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