Caze Zeros In on the iPad 2 With the New Ultra Thin 8 Case

  • Caze Zero 8 for iPad 2
  • Caze Zero 8 for iPad 2 screenshot
  • Zero 8 for iPad 2 from Caze
  • Zero 8 for iPad 2 from Caze review
  • Zero 8 for iPad 2 from Caze screenshot

Caze Zero 8 is an ultra thin Apple iPad 2 case made from highly durable TR90 material protecting the device from impacts and bumps, while boasting only 0.8mm thickness. The tablet hard case is designed to complement the Apple Smart Cover and even comes with a Free Edge Sticker to cover the metal edge between the cover and itself.

The new Apple iPad 2 case is currently the world’s thinnest transparent case, but despite being extremely lightweight and thin it guards the tablet just as good as much thicker and heavier cases would. All ports and buttons of the device are open to free access with the case on the pad.

The Zero 8 package includes a clear screen protector , a 3M edge sticker and a microfiber cleaning cloth to keep the device in pristine condition at all times. The new case is available in clear, blue, pink and grey colors.

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