Top 5 Waterproof Cases

Top 5 Waterproof Cases

For those users often carrying around the tablet, the no. 1 enemy may well be water and moisture. Those concerned about these natural elements don’t need to worry any longer, as Tablet2Cases presents our list of the Top 5 waterproof tablet cases for devices currently available on the market. Protect your tablet confidently with any the models listed below – and enjoy using the device wherever you go.

1. The DryCASE Universal Waterproof Tablet Case – Buy Now for $59.99

Vacuum-sealing works for food items, why wouldn’t it work for tablets? The DryCase waterproof device carrier offers excellent protection against water – in fact, the DryCASE tablet cases promise the possibility of submerging the tablet at the depth of 100 feet for up to one hour. Shrink-wrap the encased tablet in the case with a handy hand pump and you’ll still have access to speakers, microphone, camera and touchscreen.

DryCASE Universal Waterproof Tablet Case

2. Andres Industries Waterproof Cases

Actually an entire line of carriers, Andres Industries' waterproof cases all offer top-quality defense against water, dust and everyday to extreme shocks and damage. All are 100% guaranteed to be waterproof and the flagship case has been approved by use by the U.S. military itself. Prices range from $80 to $400 to provide some nice choices.

Andres Industries Waterproof Case

3. The Trident Kraken Hybrid Case for iPad

Not only does the Kraken Hybrid from Trident Case offer great waterproofing protection, it’s also recommended as a rugged case or even a good choice within kids cases . Four solidly-built pieces – top and bottom bumpers, rubberized sleeve, and screen protector – fit together to form the Trident Kraken. Lightweight and with good hand-feel, the waterproofing almost feels like a bonus feature in this tablet case.

Trident Kraken Hybrid Case for iPad

4. The BubbleShield Waterproof Sleeve for 10” Tablets

Particularly good for tablet users on the go, the BubbleShield Waterproof Sleeve from the Joy Factory offers inexpensive and durable protection for any 10” tablet. The dual-zippered enclosure seals the device away safely while still offering defense in a durable plastic case . And the tablet remains perfectly accessible with the sleeve in place.

The Joy Factory BubbleShield

5. The Simplism Waterproof Case for iPad

Though advertised as made for the iPad, essentially any tablet of any size will fit in the Waterproof Case from Simplism. The two inner zipper fasteners help seal in the device, which fantastically is touted as hangable in the shower due to the heavy-duty suction cups on the device. Now who could resist that particular functionality...?

Simplism Waterproof Case

For more information on Tablet2Cases’ top 5 waterproof cases or to discover more about other models that can protect against water, moisture and such natural elements, please reference our Waterproof Cases wiki page.
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