Capdase Presents New Season Clothes for iPad 2 With Karapace Jacket

  • Capdase Karapace Jacket for iPad 2
  • Capdase Karapace Jacket for iPad 2 review
  • Capdase Karapace Jacket for iPad 2 screenshot

Capdase Karapace Jacket is a tablet protector for Apple iPad 2 designed to work closely with Apple’s Smart Cover . The new case guards the tablet’s back from minor impacts and keeps scratches, dust and dirt away from the device.

The ultra slim and custom fit of the new case is designed to securely hug the iPad 2 and keep it inside the case at all time. The case complements functions of the Apple’s Smart Cover, but also comes with a separate screen cover, screen protector , magnetic edge protector and a movie stand .

Thanks to the movie stand the iPad 2 can be lifted out of the case at an angle, which allows comfortable multimedia viewing. All ports and buttons of the device are open with the new tablet protector on the iPad 2. The case comes in black, orange, pink and green colors.

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