LifeProof iPad 2 Case is All You’ll Ever Need to Keep the Tablet Safe

  • LifeProof iPad 2 Case

iPad 2 Case from LifeProof is a durable tablet clam case designed to safeguard the Apple iPad 2 from impacts, bumps and accidental drops. The unique construction of the case prevents small debris and dust from ever getting inside the case and damaging the precious tablet inside.

The tough materials utilized in the new Apple iPad 2 case can even withstand being washed inside a dish washer, that is if you ever decide to wash in there, of course. The integrated tablet screen protector will even repel water in case you decide to go singing in the rain to your favorite tune stored on the iPad.

The all-round tablet protection in a slim and great looking case – isn’t that what you’ve been dreaming about? Well, the LifeProof case makes those dreams come true. The company is currently taking pre-orders and is yet to announce sale dates and price.

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