Free Cases Daily Week #10 – STM Bags, Hello Kitty, Happy Owl Studio and more

Free Cases Daily Week #10

The year of Free Cases Daily Facebook promotion continues into week number 10 (Dec. 3-9) with more tablet cases and carriers to be given away for absolutely free.

This week, the animals threaten to take over the zoo, with a Happy Owl Studio model up for grabs as well as 7” and 10” tablet cases featuring the likes of Hello Kitty, those dastardly pigs from Angry Birds, Paul Frank’s monkeys.

Scroll down for this week’s list of Free Cases Daily. Following the seven prize giveaways are the super-easy rules for entry and for your chance to win a brand new tablet case this week!

1. STM Bags Jacket 10” Tablet Bag

Price: $19.96
Rating: 3.9

The pockets are the main selling point in this tablet bag: The front slider pocket is perfectly sized for an iPhone and the zippered pocket can carry any number of accessories. And the STM Bags tablet case is done up in water-resistant fabric for nice defense.

STM Bags Jacket

2. Hello Kitty Themed Apple iPad Folio Case

Price: $24.95
Rating: 3.9

On the off-chance the mere mention of Hello Kitty isn’t enough for you, this folio tablet case brings a firm hard shell to protect your valuable device. Inside, there’s a good stable tablet stand for viewing (of, say, Hello Kitty) in multiple angles.

Hello Kitty Themed Folio Case with Pink Apples

3. Paul Frank Themed Nexus 7/Kindle Fire 7” Tablet Sleeve

Price: $14.95
Rating: 3.7

The cult of Paul Frank’s children literature may not be quite as large or rabid as Hello Kitty’s, but these funny monkeys are popular enough to get their likenesses emblazoned on several tablet cases. This one is super lightweight and is incredibly priced at under $15 – a steal for devotees.

Paul Frank Themed Nexus 7 Tablet Sleeve

4. Angry Birds Themed Apple iPad/10” Tablet Sleeve with Bad Piggy

Price: $19.95
Rating: 3.7

And speaking of cult followings ... the biggest video-game obsession since PacMan is quite the popular choice in tablet cases these days. This model is a cost-efficient, functional and well-built case of neoprene exterior and cotton interior lining that works with iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs or any 10” tablet.

Angry Birds Themed Tablet Sleeve with Bad Piggy

5. Happy Owl Studio Leather Shell iPad 2 Back Protector Case

Price: $35.99
Rating: 3.8

One for the ladies, the Happy Owl Studio tablet case is crafted from genuine leather for notable style and totability. The polyurethane interior frame keeps things lightweight while maintaining a firm grip on the iPad when carrying.

Happy Owl Studio The Leather Shell

6. Cooper X Chinee Wetsuit Neoprene Dual Zipper 7” Tablet Sleeve

Price: $18.95
Rating: 4.0

The seemingly loftily-named Chinee Wetsuit tablet sleeve indeed resembles scuba gear, both in terms of the vibrant colors available and the nylon-like water-resistant covering material. The lanyard wrist strap feature provides secure holding and carrying.

Cooper X Chinee

7. Cooper Kai Fold Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Bluetooth Keyboard Folio Case

Price: $42.95
Rating: 3.8

Here’s a low-cost best case scenario for incorporating a Bluetooth keyboard to the Samsung Galaxy Tab. When carrying, magnetic enclosures and a sturdy bezel frame in the Cooper tablet case keep the device safe from jostling. The keyboard itself is a nice, light silicone that allows easy typing nearly on the level of a laptop.

Cooper Kai Fold

Competition Information

Duration: December 03 06:00AM EST – December 09 05:59AM EST
For visitors in Europe, its December 03 12:00PM CET – December 09 11:59AM CET

Registration (FREE): Visit Tablet2Cases Facebook page. Install the Free Cases Daily app.

Prize Selection: Choose your favorite case from among the 7 displayed prizes.

How to Win: Invite friends to “like” the Tablet2Cases Facebook page by using the “Invite Friends” tab at the top of the Free Cases Daily page.

Live Rankings: Each participant’s progress within the current week may be tracked by way of the “Live Ranking” table found under that labeled tab.

Winner: The Facebook user with the most “likes” for each particular tablet case wins.

And that’s all there is to it. Tablet2Cases wishes everyone the best of luck – with just a bit of effort, seven tablet owners will soon be awarded with their own best case scenario absolutely free!
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